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USA –  48 states legal apart from Iowa and Idaho. Canada, Austria, Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Jamaica, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, The United Kingdom, Uruguay.

Belgium, Costa Rica, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Russia, Serbia, Sweden and The Czech Republic.

If you can’t find your destination, it means that either the legal grounds does not allow the CBD use or we are still on the lookout for amazing hosts in the area. We hope we’ll have an amazing Highest Homies experience available there soon!

Zero! Hosts are paid 100% of the price they set for the experience.Highest Homies guests pay a 20% service fee at checkout, which covers the booking processing fee, insurance, and Highest Homies support.

Highest Homies hosts are welcome to set their event schedule according to their availability.Host as often or as little as you want!

Hosts are responsible for reporting their taxable income for tax purposes. We encourage hosts to consult with a tax advisor for assistance in deducting any non-taxable income from their total earned income.

To view all your earned income on Highest Homies, Go to your “Payment History” tab on your Dashboard.

For the safety and security of both our guest and hosts, offline or cash payment are prohibited under our terms and conditions. 

Violating this policy may pose the risk of fraud and other security issues. Host who accept offline payments may be subject to removal from Highest Homies.

Highest Homies Hosts are paid directly on their bank account through our secure online payment system PAYPAL (for more information about PAYPAL click here ). 

We process all the payments 48 hours after the event via bank transfers. However depending on your bank institution and on the day you hosted the event, it may take up to 5 working days for your payment to reach your account. 

To protect your privacy, we cannot see or migrate your payment details, so please make sure you have added/updated your payment information on your Account Settings.*

*If you are a new Host and you do not see where to add your payment information on the Account Settings page, please clear your browser cache and try again.

To enter your payment information: 

  1. Log in to your account and click your name at the top right corner of the page
  2. Click on  “Account Settings” 
  3. Fill the blanks with the requested information:
  • Billing Country: If your account is in the UK, your billing country has to be the UK. If you have moved to another country and you want to change your billing country, please contact
  • Personal Information: Enter your First Name, Last Name and Birth Date. Please fill out this information as it appears on your Identity Document.
  • Billing address: Fill out your address, City, State, Postal code and Country. Please note that your billing address does not have to be the same as your event address.
  • Bank details:  Account currency: your account currency should be the same as the events currency ( please double check to avoid payment delays and currency conversion issues ).                                                                                                                     Bank account holder’s name: You can use a personal account or a business account. If you add a business account, please contact to make sure your information is completed correctly. Bank name: name of the bank where you hold your account                                

Depending on your Country, you might be asked for different account details.

  • IBAN ( International Bank Account Number )
  • Account number and Sort Code or IBAN for UK
  • Account Number and Routing number for US*
  • Upload a picture of your ID in color and HD: our payment provider requests this information to avoid any case of fraude

IMPORTANT: if any of this information is missing on your account, the payment could be delayed up to 14 days.

*For hosts based in the US, you might also be asked to provide the last 4 digits of your SSN depending on PAYPAL requirements.

If you find yourself in an unpleasant situation with a guest, you should involve the Highest Homies team. 

The community team is here to help and advise. Please make sure to contact your office manager or write to as soon as possible.

In any case, please try to avoid any confrontation with your guests and describe in detail the situation so the team can understand what happened and how to move forward.

Every host and guest needs to create profiles on the website and give some information about themselves. This way we make sure you get to know a bit about the guest and what you can expect. The message system helps you ask all the questions you want so things are clear. The guests will not receive your contact details until you validate the booking.

It can take time to build your brand as a host, but fear not! Here are some tips for promoting your event and growing your brand.

Invite friends: your personal network is the best place to start promoting your brand as a Highest Homies host. Have friends attend your events and leave reviews, which will go a long way in boosting your ranking on the page.

Promote on social media: share your event on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Posting regularly can help get the word out and build your brand as an Highest Homies host. Don’t forget to use a hashtag, such as #HighestHomies

Connect with Cannabis blogs & websites: reach out to cannabis writers and bloggers in your area. They love hearing about new foodie trends and might be willing to promote your Highest Homies event.

Join groups & forums: discover cannabis-related groups on Facebook and forums from people in your area. Sharing your events there can help you get connected with the most enthusiastic cannabis homies.

Attend meetups: many cities have events that bring travellers and locals together. These are great opportunities to make connections and promote your Highest Homies event.

Your experience might have been rejected because some info was missing. You should have received an email from your office manager to explain what is missing or why your experience has been rejected. 

Our team is here to help you to create the best offer possible so if you would like some expert advice please contact your office manager or the support team at, we are here to help!

To choose the price of your experiences you can make an average of the amount that you spend on the material/products you need for it and also consider the time that you are going to give to every event.

You have to include all the materials and the CBD amount in the price of your experience. If you prefer, you can also suggest guests bring their own CBD. 

Please keep in mind that your guests will pay 20% more than the price indicated.

For example, if you set the price of your event at 20€ your guests will pay 24€.

Pricing your experiences as a new host 

As a new host, you don’t have reviews yet, or just a few.

This means that your number one goal is to gain reviews!

In order to do that, you need to set an attractive price to your experience and to level it up from there according to the amount of reviews you have and your experience’s popularity.

We advise you to deduct 25% from your goal price and deduct at least 25%.

So if you wish to price your experience at $50, you should price your experience at $37. 

**once you have more than 20 reviews with a high score above 4,7, you can set your goal price and see how it goes) 

Certain experience elements may require licensing, especially if your service offers any kind of required licensed activity. We encourage all Highest Homies hosts to consult with a legal advisor to understand the regulations, whether fiscal, administrative or otherwise apply to your locality.

If there is something you need to change on your booking you can ask your host to edit some details of the event. Before having your booking validated, you can ask him to change the price, number of seats and time.

After the booking is validated, he will only be able to change the number of tickets. He won’t be able to edit the time or the price.

Feel free to ask the host or the support team if you have any questions about this!

The price covers both the CBD and if the case of any material or product to perform the experience. (unless mentioned otherwise by the host in their event description).

If you need to cancel a guest booking or an entire event, please make sure that you message your guest(s) to inform them of the change and offer an alternative date to reschedule. You will also need to log into your Highest Homies account and cancel the event or booking in order for the guest refund to be processed.

If your guests did not cancel on the platform and didn’t attend the event, don’t worry – you will still receive the payment accordingly (unless you are happy for them to be refunded – in which case please let us know at

According to our cancellation policy, guests will not be refunded if they cancel within 48hrs before the event or if they simply don’t turn up.

However, if a host cancels at any time the guests will be refunded.

48 hours after your event ends upon a positive review from your guests or no claim of a refund due to the lack of quality of your event by one of the guests involved, the funds will be wired to the informed account via PayPal.

While exclusivity is not a requirement, Hosts that are exclusive with Highest Homies unlock a series of amazing benefits, including building your brand with our international network of CBD lovers and additional marketing support from the Highest Homies platform and team.

Zero! Hosts are paid 100% of the price they set for the experience.

Highest Homies guests pay a 20% service fee at checkout, which covers the booking processing fee, insurance, and Highest Homies support. Be aware of this fee when you are deciding the price of your event!

You are free to host your event at home, in an arranged space, or out in nature. With proper planning, tours and similar events can be held in your city too.

Successful hosts know their hosting environment well so that they can organize a perfect event.

As a Highest Homies Host you’ll set your own calendar. You’re the boss! You can hold events as often as you would like.  

To Hosts holding weekly events, we offer extra marketing support and ideas you can implement to build your business.

Share your passion combined
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