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Explore thousands of amazing CBD Services and experiences around the world. Once you have chosen your destination, find the social eating experience that is right for you. With Highest Homies, you’re invited to pull up a seat at a concert party on an Andalusian rooftop, enjoy an Italian feast with a Roman family, take a CBD mixology class in Tokyo, or marvel at the majesty of the Swiss Alps in the most relaxing way. From gamers and food lovers to musicians and travellers, our hosts all share one special ingredient: a passion for bringing people together through CBD.


Once you’ve made your choice, you simply need to select the dates you are available and click “Request to book”. Your host will receive a notification and get back to you as soon as possible. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged until your host accepts the request and you can cancel the request at any time.


During a trip to Mexico Zach befriended a local family who invited him to their home for dinner. Meanwhile, Nicholas was living in Asia, exploring China and learning about the local cuisine and culture. After crossing paths and sharing travel stories, they realized their common passions for CBD and immersive tourism. In 2016, they embarked on a journey to change the way people travel, one experience at a time. Today, our team is a mix of product thinkers, community builders, creatives and travellers working to connect people with common and not-so-common interests. We believe there is nothing more special than getting to know new friends, and we love spreading the magic of social CBD with our growing community.


Trust is at the core of the Highest Homies services and experiences. Highest Homies is all about bringing people together and building connections through CBD where LEGAL BILLS are in place. Hosts must complete a highly-selective application process in order to be listed on our site. Take a tour of our host’s profiles to learn more about their personal stories or to read reviews from other guests from around the world.  All of your online transactions are secure and your data is protected. Our hosts receive the payment directly to their bank account two days after the event takes place. Every host should still maintain their own personal civil liability insurance.

How To Post Your Event

Offer: Want to share your passion for Cannabis with people from all over the world? Well you’ve come to the right place!

We’re looking for passionate home cooks and amateur chefs to join our Highest Homies host community. You simply need to Become a host. To do so, please tell us a bit more about yourself, the menu you would like to serve your guests, the price you want to charge and a few other details!

Manage: Once you start hosting, it’s easy to manage requests and confirm reservations with guests from around the world. You have control over who joins you for the experience and we always encourage hosts to connect with guests online before the CBD events to make sure they get excited about the special experience you will be creating.

Welcome: The big moment is finally here! It’s time to share your CBD and passion with your guests. We guarantee you’ll enjoy meeting new travelers as much as hanging out with them. It’s like throwing a dinner party or supper club for future friends!

You will receive full payment the day following your cannabis experience.